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Like it’s your last

Do it like it’s the last time you ever will.  Because eventually, it will be.

I mean this in a less morbid way than the phase is usually used, but also with seriousness.  I put a lot of value on the experience of life, and, even aside from death, there is a real probability that things you take for granted today will change.  For an infinite number of reasons, routines of today are not how they will be tomorrow.

Relationships and friendships begin, change, and end.  Things break, are replaced, or are improved. Perspectives and experiences mold us into doing different things and experiencing them differently.  People change geographies, and geographies change around people.

In technology industries, we get giddy over disruption.  Disruption is opportunity.  Disruption is change.

But change is also an end.  For even the most mundane of tasks, it could be a cherished experience if it you knew it would be the last time you experienced it.

The trouble is that you only rarely know when you are doing something that it will be the last.  The solution, I think, is to try for a frame of mind to experience everything like it’s your last.